Cleantech Advisory

TCCL provides a comprehensive range of advisory solutions in the infrastructure sector, always ensuring the best possible service quality and responsiveness to clients. TCCL's advisory services serves as a gateway to the range of expertise available from Tata group companies in the infrastructure sector ranging from design, construction to operations augmented by its expertise in climate change / sustainability advisory. The knowledge base and expertise of the Tata group companies in the infrastructure space are highlighted below:

  • Design engineering - Tata Consulting Engineers / Tata Elxsi
  • Construction - Tata Housing / Tata Projects / Tata Realty
  • Operations - Tata Power / JUSCO / Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd

The above body of knowledge and expertise is offered through various climate change and sustainability advisory services to our valued clients. Our offerings include the followings:

Sustainability Strategy

Using proprietary tools, a structured diagnosis of any organization's commercial / environmental / social metrics can be undertaken by TCCL. Using the outcomes, TCCL will prepare a comprehensive sustainability strategy document which covers a broad range of elements in the 'sustainability' context including goal setting, benchmarking performance, risk assessment, employee engagement, considerations for supply procurement, identification of technology options, customer buy-in etc.

Energy/ Carbon/ Water Foot printing

Helps the company reduce costs and where applicable, meet the norms of energy efficiency, carbon emission and water consumption. Overall it helps in reducing the resource foot print of a company.

Market entry strategies for new clean technologies

Helps companies scope the Indian market for new technologies and develop a market entry plan over a 5 year period which would help in meeting abatement targets arising out of energy / carbon / water foot printing.

Feasibility Studies / Project Reports

Helps companies evaluate various options for reducing resources foot prints and analyse commercial feasibility of specific projects.

Our Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Experience


Feasibility Studies / Project Reports

The multi-year climate change initiative of the Tata group covering 50 companies across 7 industry sectors spanning steel, power, chemicals, automobiles, hospitality, etc.

A comprehensive carbon foot printing exercise was carried out across these companies which comprise 99 % of the Tata group emissions.

Carbon cost curves were developed for each facility to facilitate target setting, prioritize opportunities and finally execution of mitigation projects.

A path breaking water foot printing and mitigation exercise was conducted across 12 manufacturing facilities of the four largest companies in the Tata group viz; Tata Steel / Tata Power/Tata Chemicals/Tata Motors.

Lending a supporting hand to Government of India's Smart Cities Program

TCCL - Advisory Services is a part of the IFC lead consortium, secured through a highly competitive bidding process, a large grant from the European Union to provide technical advisory services to facilitate development of five selected cities Chennai, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur and Mumbai.

The focus is on four key areas: (1) increase use of renewable energy; (2) increase efficient use of energy; (3) consider waste to energy option; and (4) efficient use of water and re-use of waste water.

The program also envisages capacity building and awareness raising activities to ensure interventions in project cities are replicable and sustainable across India.